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Are you more a filet mignon, or a New York strip lover?

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

Are you more a filet mignon, or a New York strip lover?

Boefish is proud to offer its clients some of the greatest meat and finest ingredients: the best of the earth and sea!

We only use the best quality beef, including  USDA and CAB (Certified Angus Beef), aged of a minimum of 30 days, with incredible marbling. By definition, the marbling is the intramuscular fat which appears as thin creamy white streaks that contrast the red of the flesh. The pattern it makes is called marbling and is the main choice criteria for steaks.

Tenderness, flavour, age and quality, every meat strip has specific characteristics. In order to make the right choice, it is important to know how to recognize them.

Here is all you need to know on our cuts of meat to become an expert!


The filet mignon, the most tender cut on eart

This low fat cut is the most tender. It literally melts in your mouth. We advise you to cook it blue to medium, because the Filet mignon tends to dry when cooked more than medium.

The baseball strip for a culinary home run

As it is named, this cut reminds us of baseball ball: it is as large as it is thick. From one of the best parts of the animal, the sirloin, comes great marbling. Smaller than other cuts, it is recommended for those with smaller appetites, or for those who want to save room for dessert. A rare to medium cook is advised because of the steak’s thickness.

The New York strip

Made from the striploin, this cut is the perfect balance between tenderness and flavour.
With a longer, yet thinner cut, it is loved by those who prefer their steaks cooked a little bit more.

For maximum taste, we advise you to cook it rare to medium.

The French strip (also called Cow Boy cut)

This cut is bone-in for maximum flavour. Made from the beef rib, it contains a large amount of marbling and is, as a result, a very rich meat. A rare to medium cook will help render the fat and make it nice and juicy. This is also why we do not advise a blue cook for this kind of cut.

Tomahawk, the ultimate piece of meat

Aged here at Boefish for a minimum of 45 days, the Tomahawk steak is Boefish’s specialty. The ageing meat helps create an unrivaled tenderness and unveils its flavours. 40 oz of pure happiness! We advise a rare to medium cook for a maximum of taste.


You have now have all the information you need to make the right choice. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask one of our waiters. We have a display platter with all the cuts described above that our waiters would be delighted to introduce to you. Enjoy!


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