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Our tips for perfect fish

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

At Boefish, our executive chef pays tribute to the wonders of the sea, with an extensive selection of unique and refined mediterranean dishes that will satisfy the finest epicureans.

Our fish & seafood specialities include; Big-Eye tuna (sustainable fishing), salmon (tartar, gravlax, or high-end tacos), bream, lobster, octopus (Moroccan-style), squid, giant shrimps and ceviche.

Cooking fish at home can sometimes seem very intimidating! Nicholas Klymkiw, executive chef of Boefish, unveils his ULTIMATE secret for a perfect, oven-cooked fish! First thing to keep in my mind when cooking fish is the quality of the fish itself, the higher the quality, the tastier the fish will be. The second thing to keep in mind is the cooking-time, make sure not to overcook the fish, and give it enough time to rest, in a fairly warm spot.

Our tips for perfect fish

The freshness of the fish is the first element to look for, when buying fish at the fish store or at the neighborhood grocer. The skin of the fish must have a bright pigmentation and must not show any signs of discoloration. The skin must be shiny and metallic. The firmness of the fish is also an important determinant of its freshness; a fish that has a soft flesh is no longer fresh. If you are buying a whole fish look for: bright and clear eyes, fiery red gills, and a firm belly. And finally, fresh fish will smell like the sea, so make sure to smell it before buying it.

The right cooking time is the second most important element to ensure a perfectly cooked fish! With an extremely fragile and tender flesh (except for tuna, halibut, swordfish, etc.), it will be imperative not to overcook your fish, otherwise, its precious flesh will become dry and hard!

The size of the fish will also dictate the optimal cooking time to best preserve the taste, the tenderness and the moisture of its flesh. Boefish reveals its best cooking trick, for cooking perfect fish in the oven, each and everytime! For a mouth-watering fish dish, it’s best to calculate your cooking time at 10 minutes per inch (2.5cm) of fish flesh.

To prevent your fish from drying out during the cooking process, we suggest you marinate your fish before cooking it; with a little oil, some wine, or your favourite marinade!

You can bake your fish, uncovered or in a foil, at a temperature between 350 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the type of fish you are cooking. The best side dishes to serve fish with are; steamed or grilled seasonal vegetables as well as roasted or mashed potatoes.  

Take part, without further ado, in a festive and exciting evening at Boefish, and come enjoy our wonderful fish and seafood dishes, meticulously prepared by our team and renowned chef!


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