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Discover the French bifteck

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

Beef remains one of the most popular and coveted meat by foodies and epicureans all around the world. Combining both taste and tenderness, premium quality beef will delight all meat lovers. Extremely nutritious and packed with high-quality protein, beef still reigns as king of the castle in modern steakhouses.

The rib steak is a delicious steak that has been sliced from the beef’s primal rib, these steaks are marbled and very tasty. At Boefish, our rib steak is graded CAB (certified angus beef) . The aging process of these steaks vary from 30 to 45 days, this process aims to make the meat more tender and flavorful.


Two distinctive meat aging-techniques are used at Boefish to optimize the flavor and the tenderness of our meat; wet-aging is done in vacuum sealed packages, where the meat rests at a cold temperature until it reaches the desired aging period (30 to 45 days) ; dry-aging, on another hand, is the old method of meat-aging, which consists of hanging the meat in a highly controlled refrigerator (with a meticulous control of humidity, temperature etc). Both aging techniques allow the meat to be more tender and more flavourful.

As for the cutting methods of our meat, we fully grasp the importance of a high quality cutting technique; when it comes to steak, it is the cut itself, that will determine the tenderness and quality of  the meat. Our supplier, a family-owned business specializing in meat cutting, meets our high-requirements, day after day.  At Boefish, we offer the rib steak, in 3 different cuts; the Cowboy , the Tomahawk, and the Striploin.

The Cowboy

The Cowboy cut (french cut) is a generous 18oz, CAB (certified angus beef) piece of beef, wet-aged for a period of 30 days (minimum). The Cowboy is very rich in taste, perfectly marbled, and extremely tender, it is served with its bone. The French cut simply means that the bone attached to the meat is cleaned before being served.


The Tomahawk

The Tomahawk cut, for its part, is a 40oz, CAB (certified angus beef) piece of beef, dry-aged for a period of 45 days (minimum), the aging process is done on site, at Boefish. Our customized refrigerators are specially designed for the dry-aging process of our meats. The aging process aims to tenderize the meat as much as possible. The Tomahawk is the ultimate epicurean experience; combining both tenderness and exquisite flavors; it is served sliced, and is meant to be shared (for 2 people).


The striploin

The striploin is a beautiful 12oz piece, certified USDA premium.

It is vacuum-aged (wet-aging) for a minimum of 30 days, and is both tender and tasty. This delicious piece of meat is highly marbled, and offers a beautiful layer of fat that will result in an explosion of flavors, once cooked.



How to cook the perfect rib steak

The key to cooking steak or any kind of meat is the TIMING!

For a perfect rib steak, we recommend a medium-rare cooking time, to allow the fat inside the meat to melt properly during the cooking process. Opting for a blue rib steak is not recommended because of its high fat content.


For a rib steak that is tasty and juicy; Boefish highly recommends to allow the meat to rest after its cooking time, so the meat retains as much of its natural juices as possible. At Boefish, each piece of meat has a resting period, allowing us to present to you, the tastiest and juiciest of meats.


Best side dishes for the rib steak

The classics: baked potatoes, creamy mashed potatoes, crispy home-made fries, and seasonal vegetables.


Our executive Chef has a soft spot for the rib steak

«Thanks to the bone and the marbling, the rib steak is extremely rich in flavor. The fat helps keep the piece juicy, while the bone gives the meat a nutty taste during cooking.»



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