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A look into steakhouses’ history

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

Steakhouses were born in New York city, in the mid 19th century, they were then men-only restaurants, specializing in flavoury chops and steaks. With decades passing by, steakhouses began offering menus that were more refined; adding items such as shrimp cocktails, creamed spinach,  salads and even desserts, with the reign of the notorious  cheesecake, now typical of modern steakhouses.

Over the years, a wider selection of meat was offered in steakhouses, cooking techniques became more refined; dry aging or wet aging (vacuum sealed bag), and chefs began using more polished cooking methods  (to keep the meats juicy and bursting with flavors).




Modern steakhouses now offer meat-lovers a plethora of meat; grilled beef,  beef tartare, poultry, pork, and sometimes, fish and seafood. The main accompaniements offered at steakhouses are potatoes (either baked, fried or mashed), seasonal vegetables (asparagus, mushrooms etc.). Beer, wine and exotic cocktails are always on the menu for a successfull steak diner.




A distinctive cooking procedure in Québec: Boefish has a unique US-imported broiler, which sears the meat under an infrared heating system, at a 1600°F temperature, allowing to keep the meat exceptionnaly juicy and savoury.


Premium quality meat: Boefish takes pride in its premium quality meats, with the highest certification in the industry : USDA Prime & CAB (Certified Angus Meat). At Boefish, all meats go through a complex aging process (30 to 45 days) to ensure a higher concentration of flavor and a maximum level of tenderness. Only center-cuts are offered at Boefish, to maximize flavor and taste.


A beautiful and wide selection of mediterranean fish and seafood:  salmon, Big Eye tuna, lobster, and many more. The exquisite dishes at Boefish offer a perfect culinary fusion between New York and Athens. A must, for all the foodies in Quebec.


A unique and trendy restaurant, with a festive atmosphere and live DJs friday through saturday. Boefish is a premium restaurant specializing in steaks and fresh mediterranean fish, with a unique fiery central bar.


An exceptional cellar: with a selection of more than 1000 bottles including; distinctive grand cru; refined cocktails, micro brew beers and an outstanding collection of wine by the glass.




At Boefish, our Executive chef Nicholas Klymkiw, created a distinctive and unique culinary experience, with a promise to please the pickiest epicurean and foodie in town! His refined menu puts pride in high quality steaks and mediterranean fish and seafood dishes. With an impressive international experience (high-end restaurants in Miami, New York, London, Las Vegas, Athens, Montreal), he has been truly inspired by the flavors and culinary trends of New York city and Athens.


Our Executive chef payed tribute to the wonders of the sea, with an extensive selection of mediterranean dishes; oysters, big-eye tuna, salmon, lobster, octopus, squid, shrimps and ceviches. Nicholas also put pride in presenting to us a beautiful variety of beef dishes with the finest cuts (all 30 or 45 day-aged); filet mignon, New York rib eye (USDA premium), steak, entrecote, tartar, gourmet burger (8oz beef angus). For the finest connaisseur, the menu features the Tomahawk for two; a 45 day-aged steak (dry-aged); sliced ​​delicately; a real treat! The menu also includes delicious dishes such as; pan-fried foie gras, limoncello chicken, nagano pork and delicious raviolis, stuffed with wild mushrooms.




 oyster Thursday; on thursday evenings, delcious fresh oysters for only 1$ .

-friday 4 to 7; wines, sparkling wines, cocktails, and homebrey Nitrof or Tremblay (Saguenay), 5$ .

-table d’hôte L’épicurieux (3 gastronomic services (45$)



-Live DJs (thursday through saturday)

-a trendy restaurant with a party atmosphere

-the ultimate stop; for a romantic outing, a night out with friends, or any other occasion


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